Frida Kahlo: Homenaje nacional. 1907-2007 por Carlos Fuentes

Frida Kahlo: Homenaje nacional. 1907-2007 por Carlos Fuentes

Titulo del libro: Frida Kahlo: Homenaje nacional. 1907-2007

Autor: Carlos Fuentes

Número de páginas: 400 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 1, 2007

ISBN: 9685208875

Editor: RM Verlag, S.L

Carlos Fuentes con Frida Kahlo: Homenaje nacional. 1907-2007

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During the Summer of 2007, The Palacio de Bellas Artes en México City Hosted the most complete Exhibition Ever of the work of Frida Kahlo. Marking the Centenary Of kahlo' S Birth, The Palacio showed 354 Works, including 64 Oil Paintings, both Beloved and Virtually Unknown, 45 Drawings, 11 watercolors, 5 Etchings, más puntuación of letters, Photographs and other personal Ephemera. It was a labor of Love, as well as a loving gesture, for mexico' S GREATEST diente Ambassador. It was also Timely; Kahlo is in the air... funcional, as Young Contemporary Artists Revisit and Recast Psychoanalytic, neosurrealistic Figuration. In 1953, when Frida Kahlo had her First solo Exhibition in México -- THE ONLY One Held in her nativa Country during her Lifetime -- One Critic wrote: "It is impossible to separate the Life and Work of this calidad person. Her Paintings. are her Biography. " Kahlo herself puts it Better: "They Thought i was a surrealist, but I wasn' T. I Never piezas Dreams. I piezas my own reality. " This Essential catálogo, based on the Palacio de Bellas Artes Exhibition, clínicas Brief Essays by a wide Range Of Kahlo Scholars, Poets, Anthropologists, architects, psychologists and expertos in many other disciplinas, both from México and abroad -- as well as a more Extended appreciation of Kahlo by the Novelist Carlos Fuentes, along with kahlo' S Own Paintings, Drawings Prints and Ephemera.